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Master Keystroke Logger is a very powerful keystroke recorder
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Master Keystroke Logger is a very powerful tool that can create detailed log files of everything that you type on your keyboard, which can also be used to help you know what others do on your PC when you are away from it. At the same time, hackers use these key-logger programs to grab user IDs and passwords, to steal information from e-mail accounts, and other bits of information on the Internet.

You can use this program for parent control, to know what your kids do on the Internet, what they type, which websites they visit, and what they chat about under their messenger accounts. Every single keystroke is recorded in the log files, which you can read at any time and store permanently as evidence. This program can also be used to keep an eye on your computer at the office, or on the computers of your employers, and see what they do really during their office hours - whether they really work or are just chatting away using a minimized messenger. Finally, this tool is also good for detecting unlawful uses of public computers, e.g. in a cyber cafe. However - and especially in this last case - keep in mind that it can be a violation of consumer and privacy rights in your area, so double-check with your lawyer before using the program for such activities.

The best thing about the program is that it can e-mail to you all the key logs using a built-in automated system. Because everything happens in the background of the host PC, no one will ever know that their activities are being tracked. You can set the program to save key logs every minute or once an hour, and e-mail them to you at specific time intervals.

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  • Easy to use
  • Can e-mail a log with all the recorded keystrokes to any Gmail account very easily
  • Enhances the security level of your PC like never before


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